I am a politician with a strong analytical and commercial background, equipped with proven business acumen and expertise in strategic planning and operations. I am confident in representing the interest of the Republic of Kosovo on the international stage.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Foreign Trade at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics, in Croatia. Additionally, I pursued postgraduate studies in London, UK, where I earned two degrees: an MA in International Business from the London Metropolitan University and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) specialising in Finance and Investment Management from the London School of Business and Finance. During my time in London. I also acquired professional knowledge and skills in financial markets and analyses.

Over the past two decades, I have worked across various economic sectors, bringing about improvements and implementing best practices. I have a track record of successful restructuring organisations and revitalising businesses by solving complex issues. Through my experience in diverse industries, I have developed excellent knowledge, both in theoretical and practical aspects, of institutions and financial markets as well as economic diplomacy.