Kosova lost a very good friend – May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Over the last two decades, Graham Crame regularly visited Kosova, initially with the charity Hope and Aid Direct, but then also working with other charities, such as The Ideas Partnership, and initiating many projects offering direct help to particular individuals, families or communities. Kosovars saw his support through direct actions like painting the playground at a learning centre or reading with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children in Fushë Kosovë; we benefited through him acting as a bridge between donors of goods in the UK with those in my country who needed them – whether in bulk by the lorryload, or in the careful connections which provided a defibrillator to Janjeva’s medical centre, a piano to Peja, a computer for a disabled child. We also saw him donating his social capital, networking those in need with those who could help them. I’ve had the chance to hear the stories of Kosovars left at their most vulnerable through being widowed, or children who were suffering in inadequate housing, who have Graham and his networking to thank for the roof now over their heads after the distraction of the war.
Those of us from Kosova where so many have experienced the particular trauma of being a refugee are also grateful for the focus he gave to supporting people in this most vulnerable situation, from the Balkans and beyond.
Graham gave generously of his time and his money and he inspired others to do the same, in Kosova and elsewhere. He will be missed, and he will not be forgotten – for the difference he made, and the inspiration he gave

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